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Services Offered for Health Wellness and Screening Programs

Corphealth offers comprehensive screening and wellness activities such as:

  •   Biometric Screenings:
  1. Lipid Profile: Screening LDL Total Triglycerides HDL Total Cholesterol
  2. Blood Glucose Screening
  3. Additional Screenings such as: Liver Function (AST/ALT), Thyroid and Other Blood Screening Parameters
  4. Bone Density Screening
  5. Health Risk Appraisal: Consisting of comprehensive reports, risk analysis and corporate summaries
  6. Height, Weight and Body Fat Measurement
  • Education, Coaching and Information on such topics as: Hypertension, Cholesterol, Nutrition, Skin Cancer
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Targeted Education on relevant health topics to employee population based upon risk analysis This is just a sample of our core, cost-effective services. Each client is customized to their specific needs, and have many other service options available. Contact us for more information. Visit us at for more information on our complete corporate medical programs.

This is just a sample of our core, cost-effective services. Each client is customized to their specific needs, and have many other service options available.

Why Is Wellness Important To Corporations?

A little investment goes a long way. ..

Studies consistently show that a healthy work force has less medical claims, and will decrease the health care dollars spent by corporations. Health and wellness is directly related to. As health risks increase, productivity decreases. Furthermore, the greater the number of health risk factors employees have, the greater the medical dollars spent on medical claims, disability claims and worker’s compensation claims. Improving the health of your employees will in the long run decrease your direct and indirect cost of health care. Your employees will be happier and more productive.

Our Services

Wellness Plan for Corporate Health

Step 1 - Identifying Risk Factors:

We do this through a tool know as the "Personal Wellness Profile", (PWP). In order to determine the health needs of your employees, you must know their health risks. The Personal Wellness Profile Is a four-page questionnaire (39 questions) completed by your employees prior to their health screening. The evaluation factors specific health aspects of the participant in conjunction with their screening tests results. The health questionnaire is analyzed using the Wellsource personal wellness software. A personal, confidential four-page health evaluation indicating the areas of risk for each employee is generated and given to the employee . The report also includes educational information to help them decrease their risk factors. The employer receives an executive summary with data that allows them to look at the aggregate status of the health of their employees.

Step 2 - Reduction of Risk Factors:

Based upon the information obtained from the Personal Profile, each employee will have a general understanding of their health, and be able to make changes that will reduce risk factors identified Employers will be able to get a snap shot of their employee’s health, and target their wellness and health programs to specific identified health concerns

Step 3 - Health Education, Coaching and Information:

Education and information is the key to prevention. Part of an effective approach to the reduction of risk factors and improved health is an education program that focuses on employee’s most common health needs. Based on the results identified through the PWP, our medical professionals will develop a variety of relevant educational and coaching programs to help you achieve corporate health.

Step 4 - Work Site Focus on Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness:

Successful wellness programs require employer commitment. Corphealth will work with employers to develop an effective strategy that promotes health and wellness. Employers can take an active role in improving their employee’s health by offering simple wellness activities that achieve health goals, such as:

  • Employee incentives for achieving specified health goals
  • Offering onsite fitness centers or exercise programs, such as aerobics, power walking, weight bearing, dance, kick boxing, Pilates, Yoga, etc
  • Healthy lunches and food offerings
  • Health education lunches

Optimizing Health & Productivity

Corphealth Is Your Complete Corporate Health Solution Our qualified medical professionals provide high quality health services to employees as well as design and implement wellness programs targeted to employee demographics. We are confident that we can deliver these services at a reasonable cost.