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Why Vaccinate Your Employees?

5%-20% persons get sick influenza every year, costing corporations billions of dollars. More than 200,000 of these people must be hospitalized, and 36,000 die each year

Government statistics show that up to 60 million Americans get the flu each year, with as many as 70 million missed work days.

Just one employee can infect many others, up to 40 or even more!

Companies that take steps to prevent flu outbreaks in their workforce save money in lost time and productivity

Average days lost for your employees with the flu is 4 days!

Studies Prove It!

When your employees are vaccinated you see fewer lost work days, less Doctor's visits.

ROI is significant: Average of $2.58 per dollar spent.

Corphealth will vaccinate your employees on-site at your location. Our on-site rates are competitive to prices at your local pharmacy or supermarket. By coming on-site you are assured that your employees get vaccinated. It's convenient, easy and cost-effective.

It's easy to get started. Just download our form, fill out and email or fax back to us. We will contact you with confirmation. There is a 10 employee minimum.

We Bring Flu Vaccinations to Your Workplace