Scheduling Directions

Corphealth has  10 minute "screener" slots for each AGENCY. Each Agency has their own button.

  • Click on the button that corresponds to your agency. This will take you to our appointment tool Schedule page.
  • You should see the name of your agency on the page header. Click on the "Schedule Now" button at the right side of page.  Disregard the "business hours". They will all show "off". After you click "Schedule Now", it will take you through a login process where you have to provide a login and password of your choice.
  1. First you see a calendar. Scroll to the appropriate month for the screening and the date corresponding to your location. (Screen Shot View). Click on your

           date and choose your preferred time.

     2.   Next, you will see a screen with heading "Request New Appointment" (Screen Shot View). If you are a new participant or new user to the scheduling system,

           click NO to the question, "do you have a docmein password?), then fill in the blanks and create your password. If you already signed in to the system and

           already have a password then you would click yes and fill in you password to access your information. (Screen Shot View).

  • When you make your appointment choose a 10 minute time slot that is convenient for you.
  • If the appointment time of your choice is not available, then you will need to choose another time that is convenient for you. 
  • Please Note: When making your appointment, please make sure you pick your correct Agency button below, otherwise you may be making an appointment for the wrong location.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please Email us at

Corrections Screener

Health & Family Services Screener

     CEDS Screener 

Property Appraiser/Tax Collector Screener

  Comptroller  Screener

     IOC 1 Screener

       Fire  Screener

Clerk of Courts Screener

Supervisor of Elections Screener

     Utilities Screener

Public Works Screener

Admin Building Screener

Scheduling Directions

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